Phone Screen (Dispensing)

Phone or other small devices screen.

Phone Screen (Dispensing) 1
Fully automatic dispensing, double station design, fast and precise
The dispensing process is required. The capacitive screen dispenser dispenses the screen. The position or process of the dispenser needs to be arranged in advance, and then the capacitor screen is dispensed. The machine can play its role reasonably, and the dispensing effect is also played. The flow chart has such a function. Except for the capacitive screen dispenser, other dispensers are the same.

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Features:It is suitable for single-component hot-melt adhesive to play the role of packaging. It is recommended to use ZCX-DJ331, a hot-melt adhesive dispenser of ZCX group, which is precise, fast and stable, and effectively improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Recommended Machine:Hot melt glue dispenser ZCX-DJ331

Recommended Machine:

Work station: single station, double station setting (double Y axis), continuous dispensing
Tracks: points, lines, boxes, circles, etc.
Accuracy: glue amount ± 2%, ratio: ± 2%
Glue: hot melt adhesive and other types of glue