Car lamp (Dispensing)

Various car lights seen in life will keep waterproof even in the rain.

Car lamp (Dispensing) 1

Fast-filling, great stability, suitable for multiple industry sectors.

Car headlights, also known as car headlights, car LED daytime running lights, as the eyes of the car, not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also closely related to safe driving under night driving or bad weather conditions.

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Features:This is the role of potting and waterproofing. It is glued on the frame of the car light, combined with bonding, and the potting is good. With this Zhongchuang Xin automatic glue filling line, the filling is precise and stable, and the efficiency is high.

Recommended Machine:Automatic glue dispensing assembly line ZCX-JD1300

Featured Parameter:
Advantages: fast filling, high efficiency, and double the productivity of the enterprise
Track: straight track, etc.
Proportion: 100:100-100:10 (or specify other ratios)
Glue: PU glue, epoxy resin, etc.
Applications: car lights, wallpaper technology, LED lighting, photo albums, etc.