Filter (Dispensing)

A filter is an accessory that filters impurities or gases through a filter paper.

Filter (Dispensing) 1

The single turntable and the three turntable can be used for filter dispensing, and the speed is fast and the operation is stable.

Generally refers to automotive filters, which are accessories for engines. According to different filtering functions, it is divided into: oil filter, fuel filter (gasoline filter, diesel filter, oil water separator, hydraulic filter), air filter, air conditioner filter, etc.

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Features:WThe engine has three kinds of filters: air, oil and fuel. It is generally called “three filters”, plus air conditioner filters, commonly known as four filters. Separate the lubrication system, the medium in the combustion system, the engine intake system, and the cabin air circulation system. Filters This type of product is often used with PU glue / epoxy resin, PU glue ratio 1:1-2:1-5:1-10:1-10:3, epoxy: 1:1 -2:1-3:1-5:4-10:1, it is recommended to use ZCX single/three turntable dispensing machine, which can automatically recycle glue, quickly dispense, and leak free. It can save labor and glue tremendously.

Recommended Machine:Four station circular dispenser ZCX-QP100

Featured Parameter:
Operation: semi-automatic, hand-held (simple operation, convenient and flexible)
Function: with automatic mixing, automatic cleaning and automatic glue discharge
Proportion: 100:100-100:20 or fixed ratio
Glue: epoxy resin, PU glue, AB glue, etc.