Smart card /IC card (Dispensing)

A smart card is a generic term for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) with a microchip embedded in it.

Smart card /IC card (Dispensing) 1

Fully automatic visual positioning dispensing, 1 machine can replace 1-6 people.

Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card needs to interact with the data through the reader. The smart card is equipped with CPU, RAM and I/O, and can process a large amount of data by itself without interfering with the work of the host CPU. Smart cards can also filter out erroneous data to ease the burden on the host CPU. It is suitable for occasions with a large number of ports and fast communication speed requirements.

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Features:A special integrated circuit chip is embedded in a PVC (or ABS, etc.) plastic substrate conforming to the ISO7816 standard, and is packaged into a card form having a shape similar to that of a magnetic card, that is, an IC card is formed. Of course, it can also be packaged into special shapes such as buttons, keys, and ornaments. A layer of glue is required on the surface of the card for waterproof packaging. It is suitable for epoxy resin transparent 3:1, hard rubber soft glue 3:1 type glue, the package is waterproof.

Recommended Machine:Crafts Epoxy Dispenser ZCX-SZ700, CCD Visual Dispenser ZCX-SJ500, Two-Liquid Visual Dispenser ZCX-SJ400