Sticker (Doming/Dispensing)

Stickers belong to the adhesive-type adhesive paper. They print various pictures and photos on the adhesive paper, which is the common sticker on the market.

Sticker (Doming/Dispensing) 1

Fully automatic visual positioning dispensing, 1 machine can replace 1-6 people.

Stickers can be affixed to stationery, cups, furniture, electrical appliances, metalware, porcelain, motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, mobile phones, notebooks, game consoles, advertising trademarks, industrial indicators, etc. It is also a major product of the printing industry. It is also printed with various characters such as cartoon characters. Can be arbitrarily pasted, most of them are one-off.

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Features:Stickers are also classified into car stickers, label stickers, DIY stickers, suitable for epoxy resin transparent glue 3:1, soft rubber hard glue 3:1 and other types of glue.

Recommended Machine:Crafts Epoxy Dispenser ZCX-SZ700, CCD Visual Dispenser ZCX-SJ500, Two-Liquid Visual Dispenser ZCX-SJ400

Recommended Machine:

Tracks: points, lines, circles, arcs, curves, etc.
Dispensing head: 1-4 heads, 6 heads, etc.
Glue: silicone, epoxy, red, UV, vinyl, etc.
Applications: stickers, smart cards, solar panels, COB light sources, buttons, signs and other products