LED bulb light (Dispensing)

The LED bulb is the appearance of the bulb shape that people are used to, and the internal light source is the LED chip.

LED bulb light (Dispensing) 1

Four-station automatic cycle operation with an annual capacity of up to 1500 products.

Bulbs are new energy – saving lamps that replace traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs have the advantages of all LED lamps: energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, no stroboscopic.

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Features:We have a four-station bulb lamp dispenser for bulb dispensing. The machine automatically cycles, with an capacity of up to 1500 per hour. The machine is faster and more stable than a normal dispenser.

Recommended Machine:Four station circular dispenser ZCX-QP100

Featured Parameter:
Drive mode: precision stepper motor
Disc turning diameter: 240mm
Maximum dispensing diameter: 110mm (four stations) 160mm (two stations)
Motor speed: 0 ~ 300 rev / min
Positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm