LED segment displays

Also known as a glow tube, it is an electronic device that can display numbers and other information.

LED segment displays 1

Matching of glue ratio, potting integrated design, fully automatic operation

The glass tube includes an anode made of a wire mesh and a plurality of cathodes. Most digital tube cathodes are digital in shape. The tube is filled with a low pressure gas, usually helium plus some mercury and/or argon. When charging a cathode, the digital tube emits light of various colors, depending on the gas inside the tube, which is generally orange or green.

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Features:Though similar in appearance to a vacuum tube, the principle is not to heat the cathode. It is therefore called a variant of a cold cathode tube or a neon lamp. At room temperature, the temperature of such tubes rarely exceeds 40 ° C even under extreme indoor operating conditions.

Recommended Machine:Semi-automatic model ZCX-PJ180、Automatic model ZCX-SZ700

Machine Features:
Glue ratio: 10:1 (other ratios can be customized)
Programming mode: teaching programming
Running track: point, line, box, circle, arc
Operating speed: XZ500mm/s Y-axis 250mm/s
Running accuracy: ±0.05mm