LED hard light strip (Potting)

The led hard light strip is relatively easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install.

LED hard light strip (Potting) 1

Precise positioning, high precision, small running error

LED hard light strips are assembled with PCB hard boards, assembled with patch LEDs, and assembled with LEDs.

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Features:LED hard light bar is another name for the light band, and it is also named for its shape. Common names include Great Wall light bar, LED light bar, LED soft light bar, light bar, FPC light bar, etc.

Recommended Machine:Automatic glue filling machine ZCX-SZ700, Online glue filling machine ZCX-JD1300, Double liquid filling machine ZCX-SZ1000

Featured Parameter:
Glue ratio: 100:100-100:10 (or specify other ratios)
Programming mode: teaching programming
Stirring method: dynamic stirring
Running speed: 350mm/s
Running accuracy: ±0.05mm