LED driver (Potting)

LED driver is a device that supplies power to an electronic device and is also a power supply.

LED driver (Potting) 1

Manual filling (potting), flexible and convenient, quick dispensing

The LED driver converts the alternating current into a direct current through a transformer and a rectifier. This device is called a rectified power supply, also called a drive power supply.

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Features:There are two requirements for the power supply of the LED to the power supply. First, the output voltage is required to be greater than the ON voltage of the LED, and secondly, the operating current is required to be stable, and cannot be greater than the rated current of the LED. When the operating current of the LED exceeds the rated current, the LED will quickly become aging damage. Therefore, the power supply used by the LED must have a constant current function. For waterproof power supply, we recommend the use of 1:1 silica gel, ZCX hand-held semi-automatic glue filling machine, hand-held glue filling, flexible and convenient, automatic glue mixing evenly, the equipment can be automatically cleaned after filling.

Recommended Machine:Semi-automatic model ZCX-PJ180、Automatic model ZCX-SZ700

Featured Parameter:
Operation: semi-automatic, hand-held (simple operation, convenient and flexible)
Function: with automatic mixing, automatic cleaning and automatic glue discharge
Proportion: 100:100-100:20 or fixed ratio
Glue: silica gel, epoxy resin, PU glue, polyurethane, AB glue, etc.