LED display module (Potting)

The LED display module is one of the main components that make up the finished LED display! Mainly composed of LED lights, PCB circuit boards, drive ICs, resistors, capacitors and plastic kits!

LED display module (Potting) 1

Automatic glue filling, 1-6 head dispensing at the same time, high efficiency

The LED display module is divided into: a direct-insertion LED display module, an indoor dot matrix LED display module, and a surface-mounted LED display module. According to the LED pixel pitch, the most commonly used ones are: p10, p4, p7.62, p5, p8, p12, p16, p20.

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Features:We can choose 10:1 silica gel(or epoxy resin) to seal and make it waterproof. According to the different process of the display module, we recommend our surface mount screen glue machine ZCX-BT700, which is accurate and fast, and increases the productivity of the enterprise.

Recommended Machine:Surface mount  screen potting machine ZCX-BT700/1500

Featured Parameter:
Dispensing head: 1-6 heads optional (6-12 heads)
Tracks: points, lines, circles, arcs, curves, etc.
Glue ratio: 100:100-100:10 (or specify other ratios)
Glue: silica gel, AB glue, etc.