LED line light(Potting)

LED line light is a high-end flexible decorative light, characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free.

LED line light(Potting) 1

Automatic glue filling, 1-6 head dispensing at the same time, high efficiency

LED line lights are especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outline sketching and billboard production, etc.; ZCX’s equipment for LED line lights has integrated design of glue and glue filling, and it is equipped with automatic operation. The function also has single head, multi-head glue filling and dispensing, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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Features:In practical applications, LED line lights and LED wall washers can be used interchangeably if not strictly required, especially in terms of water resistance, especially suitable for outdoor lighting engineering applications. LED wall washers are mostly high-power products. And LED line lights are mostly low power.

Recommended Machine:Online glue filling machine ZCX-JD1300, Automatic glue filling machine ZCX-SZ700, Double liquid filling machine ZCX-SZ1000

Featured Parameter:
Programming mode: teaching programming
Stirring method: dynamic stirring
Running speed: XY350mm/s Z180mm/s
Running accuracy: ±0.05mm
Gluing accuracy: 100g ± 1%